I would like to share with you my trip to Cancun. First of all, the trip was amazing, I had too much fun and I visited many places and got to know the Mayan civilization and a lot of other activities like shopping or trying different kind of restaurant but first I want to talk about the hotel “El Dorado Seaside Suites”. They have different type of restaurants like Mexican, Italian, Asian food…etc., to be honest I did not like most of them. The only restaurant I enjoyed the food was the Italian restaurant, but I was a little bit disappointed because they serve too little with big plates :D. My room was big, and the balcony has a pool. That was the best part of the room with ocean view.

Ok, Let’s go back and talk about the resort service. Service is 24/7. The hotel has everything you want to enjoy your vacation from beaches to beautiful views, Pools and many other activities after sunset.

Was recorded on my way to Cancun – Night Flight

Destinations from the hotel to Chichen-Itza is about 2 hours and half. Tulum is about 30 mins. Cenotes and Paradise Lagoon is about 35 min and to Isle Mujeres is one hour and 20 mins. The destination from Airport to the hotel is about 1 hour.

Chichen-Itza speaks for itself. It’s amazing and rich of the Mayan’s culture. You can feel and smell the ancient civilization in this place. It has a lot of historical building like the Mayan’s pyramids…etc. Visit Chichen-Itza is A must if you planned your trip to Cancun. You will enjoy it and probably you will end up spending 1 to hours in that place. Beside the historical buildings, there are many of small shops and they will try to sell you there hand crafted work.

Tulum was another beautiful place to visit. When I went there it was crowded and I didn’t get to take good pics of that place but this place must be on the top list to do.

Cenotes and Paradise Lagoon are amazing and mind blowing. I really love those places. it was underground cave and you can dive and discover it.

Cenotes and Paradise Lagoon. Water and Bird sounds.

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