Have you ever asked your self this question, if you are able to remodel a part of your house like kitchen, bathroom, living room or other sides of the house either indoor or outdoor of your house?

Remodeling a home requires a lot planning, work and dedication. You need to surround your self with new ideas, you need to think about what are you going to do either add or remove a wall or change walls color or install floor and of course you will spend a lot of time figuring out what is the best floor for my house, wood, laminate or vinyl or tiles? Once you find out the right floor, you are going to face another problem if you decided to change the paint color of your house. Here is another question:

What is the best color, and does it match the other items colors in my house?

Of course, it is hard to pick a color from the hundred colors out in the market. Once you picked the right color that match everything and of course you need the right color one that stands out from all the rest. Now, you need the right tools to do the job done! Right?

Its’s not an easy task but I’m sure if you have some patience you will get the job done.

I have renovated the whole of my house by myself. I had no help and I started with ZERO experience and I did not have machines or tools to get the job done. Believe me It was like a nightmare. Stressful and almost got me crazy. I just wanted to finish, sometimes I would take days off and not do anything and enjoy my day.

Why have I decided to renovate my house by myself?

I had awfully bad experience with contractors and handymen. It was almost impossible to deal with them. A lot of them keep changing their schedules and others come to work only one day and disappear one week and I had to deal with this nonsense and chase them to come finish the job. Some did a very bad job and I just fired them and some just gave me extremely high bids to do the job. After all of that nonsense I just decided to do all the work by myself, but I faced many problems.

First problem was I have no experience and the 2nd one was that I didnot have the right tools to get the job done. I had to figure out what should I do so, I started to look around and see the tools and compare them and read the reviews about each machine or tools. I spent about one month reading and looking and watching some helpful videos on YouTube.

It sure took me a lot of time to get ready for this big challenge to renovate my home. Once I decided which were the right machines and tools. I started to buy them and prepare myself  to do the work myself.

When have you purchased your house?

I’ve purchased it in 2018 and it needed a lot of work. I used to get of my job and go work and clean or chase handymen to come finish their work. It was like  hell for me and of course the house is big and has 2 apartments so, I decided to rent one of them to a that family. I really regret later and had to deal with alot of problems from them. They were tenants from hell. They abused the electricity and water they trashed the house. The only mistake I did is that I trusted them, and I didn’t do a background check on them and later I found that they had felonies and were evicted from there home and  they have nowhere else to go so I had to help them  find them a house so they can move out and gave them the whole deposit and convince them to move out. They did not move out in peace.  They called the city on us and reported our house. After they moved out, I had to deal with the city and get a plan for the garage conversion. It took me 6 months and 6 plans to get it approved and finally  got it all permitted. By the way I was looking for a good contractor to do the job and get it approved but they want to charge me 30k to do the job. Guess what? I ended up doing it by myself and I just hired a new graduated engineer and I only paid him $3000 to draw the plan. It costed me from 30k to only 3k. I was so happy when I got approved and got rid of the violation.

Right after that I started to remodel the house part by part. Next Topic, I’m going to talk about how I renovated the whole kitchen and bathrooms and the front yard and will add some photos and videos to share.

Can you renovate your house?

You must tell yourself. Yes, I can!  Anybody can do it. All you need is a good plan, tools, and motivation.

What was the hardest part?

The hardest obstacle I faced was  how to get the right ideas and have the right plans before, I start this project. Once you know what you are going to do like “adding or removing items from the house or even changing the colors sit down and create a plan. Then the rest is easy. Just Start!

Have I finished renovating the house?

Almost, I just need to finish some small areas like paint the baseboards and install Marble tiles around the front door.

Next, I am going to talk about the tools and machine I used to complete the project.

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